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198035, Russia, St.Petersburg
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phone: +49 451 45054680
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• Cost-efficient transportation from Germany as a part of a groupage cargo at the price starting from 3 €/kg.

Dispatch of groupage cargo from Germany is an effective solution in case of delivery of small consignments or when goods are ordered by one recipient from different suppliers. CALCULATE transportation cost.

• Cargo delivery from Germany in a quick and qualitative way.

Loading from a shipper → EX (Export Declaration) execution → consolidation at a warehouse in Lübeck, Germany → delivery to a port of St. Petersburg → dispatch to a final recipient.

The term of the groupage cargo delivery from Germany to St. Petersburg using the ferry is 3-5 days.

You can deliver your goods more quickly only by air, but we will deliver them at a cheaper price.

The advantage of road transportation is that the goods are conveyed directly to a warehouse of a recipient without intermediate reloading, without delays on the route; we bypass all possible land borders and are independent of queues at the border points.

The day of dispatch from Lübeck is Saturday, the day of arrival to a port of St. Petersburg (Baltic Customs) is Tuesday.

Road transportation of groupage cargoes from Europe (from a warehouse in Germany) to Russia through the Baltic Customs is the main activity of BKLTRANSport&logistics. Our prices and terms of the groupage cargo delivery are the best.

• Cargo transportation from Germany to St. Petersburg by road and ferry at the price starting from 1600 Euro.

Can logistics be perfect? YES – with us!

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