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- Customs clearance
- Customers’ insurance against risks
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Customs services
The BKLTRANSport&logistics Company carries out the customs clearance and transportation of groupage cargoes from Europe and Asia, works with major customs points in St. Petersburg.

We provide services at the following customs points of St.-Petersburg:
• Baltic Customs;
• St. Petersburg Customs;
• Excise Customs;
• Pulkovo Customs.

We also work with customs points in Germany.

carries out regular deliveries through these customs points, has well-established relations, and possesses detailed knowledge of customs work, this allows us to address the issues arising, avoid effectively the risk of damage or loss of cargoes and changes in a delivery schedule.

Customs clearance includes the following services:

• Calculation and payment of all customs duties, taxes, etc.;

• Selection of customs regimes;

• Provision with the Cargo Customs Declaration and codes of Trade Import and Export Classification;

• Preparation of necessary certificates of conformity, veterinary certificates, import quarantine permits, sanitary and epidemiological inspection reports;

• Advising on the export and import of cargoes and their registration;

• Maintenance of accounting records.

Nowadays, there are many companies on the market, which are ready to offer their brokerage services. But, as a rule, each company has its own weak and strong aspects of work with different cargoes. Depending on the complexity and type of cargo, we are ready to help you with the selection of the best option to save your time and money.

Our specialists provide the whole range of services:

- Execution of an international bill of lading (CMR);
- Arrangement of internal customs transit (ICT);
- Cargo escorting at all stages of customs control;
- Cargo movement inside a terminal, assistance in inspections.

Being an international carrier and owner of transport, we are interested in the quickest possible offload and absence of idle time, therefore all documents are prepared in advance.

Maximally accurate calculations and transparent pricing are the basic rules of the international carrier BKLTRANSport&logistics.

Transportation cost
Reduction of transportation costs for the cargo supply from any country to Russia is exercised through the effective planning of the entire process of cargo transportation, this makes impossible to exclude the cargo waiting time in warehouses, vehicle idle time, and other payoffs.

Optimization of transportation costs is performed by the solution of the following tasks:

• Selection of the most suitable mode of transport for a particular cargo;

• Correct sizing of the required vehicle, container for sea transportation;

• If necessary, the arrangement of cargo consolidation in special warehouses;

• Preliminary calculation of the use cost of warehouses and terminal sites;


These prices are approximate. For more accurate calculation of the cost, please contact the company managers by phone numbers specified in the contacts section or send a request for the calculation of the transportation cost.