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Intra-port forwarding 
Intra-port forwarding is a complex set of various technical operations and procedures for dispatch, receipt, storage, processing, and registration of cargo in a port terminal in order to ensure the fastest release.

Each port terminal has its own characteristics in terms of document management, data submission and provision, registration of applications, the procedure for additional reconciliation and procurement of permits. Therefore, it is necessary to know the subtle aspects of effective pilotage at the port.

Forwarders of the BKLTRANSport&logistics Company possess decades of expertise in working with ports of St. Petersburg and offer the service “freight forwarding at a port”, in other words, intra-port forwarding, for cargo owners who do not have their own resources at a port of arrival. The effective work of forwarders leads to a substantial cost reduction during transportation of goods and their storage at a port.

Freight forwarding at a port is a variety of procedures related to the acceptance of permits for the entry and removal of cargo from the port services to minimize the port staying time and carry out the early dispatch of cargo to the recipient.

BKLTRANSport&logistics offers its customers a wide range of high-level forwarding services at the ports of St. Petersburg – Bronka and PLP, as follows:

▪ Release from shipping companies;

▪ Submission of preliminary data on the arriving cargo for the execution of the Form Document of Accounting;

▪ Receipt of the Form Document of Accounting and freight documents, and their submission for the purposes of declaring;

▪ Execution of shipping documents, visits, permits for cargo removal from a port or cargo manifests for loading on a vessel;

▪ Payment for stevedore services under the forwarder’s agreement;

▪ Transhipment of all types of cargoes;

▪ Cargo reloading to the truck;

▪ Cargo movement inside a port terminal, assistance in carrying out of control (weighing, preliminary inspection) and inspection procedures;

▪ Storage services;

▪ Customs support: registration, customs piloting, arrangement of activities related to border, sanitary, quarantine, and veterinary control;

▪ Monitoring of cargo movement;

▪ All kinds of stevedore works;

▪ Processing of complex and over-sized cargoes;

The BKLTRANSport&logistics Company has long-term partnerships with the largest international lines, that give us the opportunity to perform all necessary activities related to intra-port freight forwarding in a quick and effective way.

Our specialists and forwarders will calculate the most profitable scheme of cargo handling, ensuring its delivery in due time relieving you of concerns associated with the customs processing.

BKLTRANSport&logistics also performs the removal of cargo from a port by means of own transport.Our vehicles are accredited in all ports of St. Petersburg and have all the necessary licences and permits.

We deliver cargoes throughout St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, to Moscow and remote regions.

Please, send your inquiries and requests at bkltrans@bk.ru and our specialists will contact you by the indicated phone number, answer your questions, offer the most favourable terms of cooperation.