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International road transportation

Cargo delivery by road transport arguably is rightly popular with customers as the most sustainable and efficient type of transport services.

Such a least-cost option as land transport has always been and will always remain the most popular. Many corporate carriers partner with us on mutually beneficial conditions on a permanent basis, and we also consider them to be a part of our team.

BKLTRANSport&logistics has well-established relations with transport companies so that it is possible to reduce shipping costs as compared to individual shipping orders.

BKLTRANSport&logistics works only with reliable transport companies and its personnel possesses a wide experience in the sphere of cargo transportation. This helps to organize the optimum logistics of cargo transportation, as well as to foresee and settle all the issues that may arise on the route.

In the context of transport logistics, specialists of BKL transport & logistics handle the following TASKS:

→ Search for the most efficient routes of cargo transportation;
→ Selection of the most convenient mode of transport and place of the cargo delivery for its consolidation;
→ Cargoes consolidation;
→ Cargoes execution, marking, and packaging;
→ Control of cargo loading and dispatch;
→ Arrangement of transportation;
→ Arrangement of internal customs transit;
→ Consignment storage;
→ Customs clearance of goods;
→ Arrangement of cargo delivery to a place of destination.

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Each your order, regardless of its complexity, will be executed quickly and safely with full control of all stages of cargo delivery.