- International carriage
- Freight forwarding
- Storage and Consolidation
- Customs clearance
- Customers’ insurance against risks
198035, Russia, St.Petersburg
phone: +7(812)336 90 89
e-mail: bkltrans@bk.ru
23569, Germany, Lübeck,

phone: +49 451 45054680
fax: +49 451 45054682


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The transport company BKLTRANSport&logistics delivers standard and groupage cargoes by road and ferry from Germany to St. Petersburg over the Baltic sea.
We handle any load volumes and are ready to carry out your project regardless of its complexity.
We will deliver your cargo in apparent good order and condition – without fail and within a strict deadline.

We carry out loading from a shipper from Germany, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Great Britain.

BKLTRANSport&logistics carries out both inland and ferry transportation. Due to the availability of our own fleet of tilt-covered and refrigerated semi-trailers, it is possible to transport all types of cargo, and special-purpose equipment allows transportation of cargo rated as over-sized.


• inland, sea, and combined transportation,
• intra-European transportation by all modes of transport,
• transportation of groupage, over-sized, and heavy cargoes.

Advantages of cargo transportation through the Baltic Customs with BKLTRANSport&logistics Company:

PROMPTNESS: Cargo delivery speed is one of the most important factors the client guided by upon selection of a carrier. Competently arranged logistics of BKL transport & logistics will allow a significant reduction of time spent on urgent cargo transportation and ensure the cargo arrival just in time. Our team of specialists is ready to help you with the registration of all documents to undergo customs clearance within the shortest possible time. We will resolve all bureaucratic issues by ourselves to obtain the promptest solution of each of them. The door-to-door cargo delivery without delay – we can do this.
SAFETY. Absolute safety of your cargo is achieved by careful control of the transportation procedure by the company’s personnel at each stage of transportation even in the most difficult conditions. The quality package will protect your cargo from outside impacts and the comprehensive insurance will provide the ultimate surety.
MULTIPURPOSENESS. We deliver any cargo regardless of its type, weight or volume. Delivery of over-sized cargoes from Germany to St. Petersburg is our specialization. The availability of special-purpose equipment allows us to transport liquid, bulk or dangerous cargoes.
FINANCE. Upon the cargo dispatch, an ocean bill of lading is executed and this is a significant advantage when you are required to provide evidence of the export to direct suppliers.

The modern market demands of maximum flexibility and timely response to whichever changes.

We have created an excellent team, which establishes a quality movement in your direction at express speed.

Groupage cargoes are delivered to a warehouse in Germany by the company’s own vehicles on a weekly basis and consolidated for onward transmission.

We dispatch cargoes by ferry every Saturday.

One of the priority directions of the company’s activity is delivery of any cargo from Germany to St. Petersburg, including small cargoes: carefully arranged routes and wide experience of our personnel will allow minimizing the transportation time by several times.


The use of ferry sites will reduce significantly the number of borders crossed along the route of transportation, as well as the time spent on cargo transportation. A significant reduction of the route allows us to arrange a continuous traffic schedule with one driver: along with the reduction of time spent, the expenses are decreased too.

The main activity of the BKLTRANSport&logistics Company is road transportation of groupage cargoes from Europe to Russia.

Loading from a shipper throughout Europe by our own vehicles.

Storage and consolidation at a warehouse in Germany;

Services of customs documents execution (EX1, T1, Transit Declaration, Warranty Certificate);

Customers’ insurance against risks;

Our main advantages are promptness, reliability, and qualitative service in solution of any issue related to transportation and customs clearance.

BKLTRANSport&logistics – we will deliver everything and at a time.