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International sea container transportation

DAF XF95 Artic kontejnernye perevozki 300x225Characteristics of sea container transportation:

• Possibility to transport large consignments of goods;

• Sea cargo transportation is the most cost-efficient as compared with transportation by other modes of transport;

• Delivery of containers is more time-consuming but very convenient in case of the constant traffic of goods;

• High requirements for packaging and securing of cargoes;

• If urgent delivery of goods is required, container transportation is not used;

But our company has an opportunity to arrange the faster delivery of containers. But in such case, transportation is ro-ro and this is the direction our company primarily focused on.

Classification (s) of containers:

Among the universal large containers General purpose the most widely used:

Standard containers
20-foot standard containers (dry freight);
40-foot standard containers (dry freight);
40-foot containers such as high cube (height and increased capacity).

Refrigerated container or Reefers - a container with a body made of polyurethane foam insulated.
It is equipped with the refrigerating unit, which supports the container within a temperature range from -25 ° C to + 25 ° C.

Each your order, regardless of its complexity, will be executed quickly and safely with full control of all stages of cargo delivery.