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Tilt-covered semi-trailer
Loading area: 13.62 x 2.48 x 2.70 m
Payload: 23 t
Number of pallets: 33
Volume: 92 m3
Capability of crane loading, tension straps for cargo fixation.

Refrigerated semi-trailer
Loading area: 13.31 x 2.47 x 2.65 m
Payload: 20.5 t
Number of pallets: 33
Volume: 88 m3
Loading in two tiers.

The tilt-covered semi-trailer, 82 to 150 m3, is the main type of rolling stock used for road transportation. The tilt design allows for the rear, side, and top loading. Its capacity is up to 33 euro-pallets.

The refrigerated semi-trailer with a refrigerating unit allows transportation of perishable cargoes at temperatures from +25°C to -25°C. Its tonnage is up to 22 tons. Its capacity is up to 33 euro-pallets.

Insulated rolling stock is used for transportation of cargoes requiring constant temperature.

Container platforms
are used for transportation of various types of containers with carrying capacity up to 20-30 tons.

The scheme of pallet arrangement in a Euro-truck



The Eurotrucks 82 - 90 m3

Scheme for 800 mm x 1200 mm Euro-pallets