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Delivery of groupage cargoes from Germany
Consolidated transportation is the transportation of small-sized cargoes from different customers in one direction in one vehicle.

Delivery from Germany is one of the mainstream logistic directions with strong traffic for different groups of products, raw materials, and equipment.

Consolidated transportation of cargoes attracts customers when they choose the road transportation. This is a possibility to dispatch a small consignment of cargo, the so-called groupage cargo, which is considerably cost-efficient than an individual entire truck.

How can you define whether your cargo may be classified as a groupage one? It's quite simple to do. If your cargo takes up not more than 20 pallets or its dimension is not more than 40-45 cubic meters, it definitely falls into the category of groupage cargo.

Tariffs for the groupage cargo delivery from a consolidation warehouse in Germany (Lübeck) to a port of St. Petersburg (Baltic Customs).

The cost of cargoes delivery from Europe. Calculate

Having successful experience in cargoes transportation from anywhere in the world, experts of BKLTRANSport&logistics will choose the best (the most efficient for the customer) route of goods transportation from Europe.

To calculate the cost of cargo delivery from Europe, you need to know the following parameters:

• Name of the dispatched cargo;

• Its location;

• The final destination of the dispatched cargo;

• Weight and volume of the dispatched cargo (m3) and number of packages (boxes, pallets);

• Desired delivery date.

The key element in the supply chain of groupage cargoes is the consolidation of small consignments of several shippers at a special warehouse.
A consolidation warehouse is used as a dispatch point in regular transportation of groupage cargoes along a scheduled route.

We carry out road transportation of small consignments over long distances according to the system of delivery and consolidation of groupage cargoes of our transit warehouse in Germany and their subsequent dispatch to Russia through the Baltic Customs.
Goods consolidation allows reducing the transportation costs of owners of goods.

Cargoes consolidation is an effective solution in case of delivery of small consignments of goods or when goods are ordered by one recipient from different suppliers.

Term of cargo delivery, as a part of groupage cargo, from Germany to St. Petersburg by our trucks using the ferry is 3-5 days.

This is a substantial advantage since the standard term of groupage cargo delivery by road is 9-13 days.

We deliver groupage cargoes from across Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, etc.), consolidate them in a warehouse in Lübeck, and dispatch in our semi-trailers by ferry (ro-ro) from Lübeck to St. Petersburg every week on Saturday (arrival in a port of St. Petersburg on Tuesday)

If necessary, we provide additional services of packaging, labelling, and execution of all the necessary transportation and customs documents (EX1 or T1, phyto-control and certification, execution of Warranty Certificates and documents for internal customs transit).


The cost of such transportation is considerably lower than the cost of individual delivery due to the distribution of the space in a semi-trailer between the different shippers. Each shipper pays for the space occupied by his/her cargo.

For the majority of customers, promptness and regular schedule are key factors upon choosing a transportation mode. Through the use of the ferry, we bypass all possible land borders and deliver cargoes without delays, regardless of the season and other factors.

Safety. Our bureaux are located directly in ports of departure and arrival enabling us to control and arrange operational work on forwarding and customs processing of cargoes in terminals.

Notice time of storage in a port is 7 days. This time is usually enough for customs clearance. We deliver cargo to a recipient’s warehouse upon reconciliation of convenient time to avoid demurrage.

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 People trust us. We continuously improve our work and the quality of services, as well as maintain the balance between cost and result, therefore, among our customers there are both large corporations and small companies.

Each your order, regardless of its complexity, will be executed quickly and safely with full control of all stages of cargo delivery.